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Fequently asked questions

You can face up to 70 % energy by dimmen, in combinatoir with LED lighting.
you need controle and management software and hardware, like Outdoor Lamp Controllers and a Gateway. These enable you to communicate with the lighting network.
With Luminizer you are in full control. You have all tools for assetmanagement, maintenance management and for adjusting the light level remotely. Reports give you an insight in costing and business. Luminizer will help you to lower operational costs and energy use.
Yes the OLC's fit in almost all luminaires. For any specific question about the OLC materials and sizes please contact us.
Luminext smart lighting systems are compact have proven to be stable. The communication is secure and the components function well with all lighting equipment and IT systems. They fit in almost all luminaires.
Dynamic lighting is the first Smart City solution. The Luminizer software will be developed continuously to collect and cabine data.
The guarantee period is 1 year.
The expected lifespan of OLC’s is 15 to 20 years.
The antenne for our dimmen systems is integratie in the OLC. Because there is no antenna on the outside of the luminaire their is hardly any change of defects.
Please contact our support department, support@luminext.eu or tel. +31 343 4766 73. We will be happy to help you.

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