How it works

Smart lighting

One system to manage all outdoor lighting

The Luminext smart lighting systems are future-proof, robust and suitable for large-scale application. The Luminizer software acts as a central cockpit for the management and control of all public lighting in the area.

Every location in the outdoor area is different and has different requirements. That is why Luminext offers different types of smart lighting systems. These are based on Powerline or Radio Frequency communication. Each smart lighting system from Luminext is suitable for large-scale application.

Luminext smart lighting systems function extremely well with all brands and types of lighting equipment and sensors. This gives you full freedom of choice when purchasing new luminaires and lighting components, now and in the future. The systems are designed in such a way that expansion of the smart lighting area is always possible.

Central cockpit

Luminizer is your central cockpit for public lighting. The software platform is user-friendly and cloud-based.

Luminizer includes complete modules for asset management, fault detection, maintenance management and dimming and monitoring dynamic lighting. You have all the tools you need to manage and control all public lighting in the area.

Luminizer is the cockpit for both the lighting columns that are equipped with the smart lighting systems from Luminext and the lighting with lamp controllers and sensors from other suppliers. You can also use Luminizer to manage the street lighting that is has not yet been equipped with smart lamp controllers.

The right solution for every situation

The Luminizer software communicates fast with both its own dynamic lighting systems and with those of other brands. The data transport goes in two directions. There is a suitable solution for every situation on the road.

  • The wireless system based on Radio Frequent communication (RF) gives complete independence from the network operator.
  • The Powerline Communication (PLC) system communicates via the power supply network and is very suitable for own networks.
  • DC-based lighting is the most sustainable solution and is the system of the future.

How it works

A Luminext dynamic lighting system consists of hardware in the capacity of Luminext Outdoor Lamp Controllers and Gateways and Luminizer management and control software. These communicate with each other via secure connections.

Luminext Outdoor Lamp Controllers are installed inside the luminaires. Ex-factory or on location. They communicate with each other and via the Gateway with the cloud-based Luminizer management and control software. A type of OLC is available for every situation and every kind of luminaire.

Daily backups, encrypted communication and secure user access are part of the extremely safe and reliable Luminext systems. All data about your areas are and remain your property. An Escrow arrangement is available.

Unlimited options with Luminizer

Complementary software for managing and controlling public lighting

  • Asset Management

    Manage all assets in the public lighting area

    Easily manage asset data in one system; all data always up to date.

  • Connect & Control

    Remote control and dimming, smart monitoring

    Remotely determining the light level and monitoring the status and energy use.

  • Maintenance

    Efficient fault management and maintenance

    Smart maintenance management and control over work orders and costs.

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