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Smart lighting systems

Powerline system

Powerline system

A Powerline system uses data communication via the electricity grid. There is communication via the power cable that connects the light tower to the mains.

The Powerline system consists of the outdoor lamp controller OLC150 or OLC154 and the Segment controller SC1. The Segment Controller SC1 manages the network of OLCs. The Segment Controller is placed in the power supply box to manage and control the OLCs.

Luminizer communicates via the Internet and the segment controller with the OLCs and vice versa. Powerline communication is very reliable, partly due to the ‘heart beat’ function that repeats the last command given regularly. Because every OLC has a repeater function, distances within the Powerline system are no limitation.

  • Suitable for all luminaire types
  • Widely applicable and expandable
  • Nodes built into the luminaires or at the bottom of the mast
  • No antenna required
  • LonWorks® technology

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