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Smart Lighting systems

RF2 system

RF2 system

The RF2 system consists of the OLC MIRA outdoor lamp controller (OLC) and the Segment Controller SC3. The nodes in the luminaires of the RF2 network are wirelessly connected via Radio Frequency signals at 868 MHz. An RF2 network consists of a maximum of 200 nodes per Segment Controller.

This system is very suitable for instant emergency street lighting and when using motion detectors where the light level must be adjusted quickly after detection. The OLC MIRA is able to control up to 4 channels individually, allowing colors to be varied and changed, for example for lighting that matches the nature management goals. This OLC is also suitable for luminaires with a very high power.

  • Suitable for all luminaire types
  • Very fast response time
  • Nodes built into the luminaires
  • No external antenna required
  • 868 MHz network


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Ron Stalenhoef

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