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Selected: Scaling up smart street lighting requires flexible management software Find out why

Smart lighting with sensor detection

A smart, sustainable lighting solution with the help of sensor detection makes street lighting as efficient as possible. The light is only activated when there is traffic activity in the immediate area. As soon as the road is clear, the light dims immediately. 

By only illuminating when there is a need for light, you save energy, the local residents have less trouble with light nuisance and the ecological footprint is reduced.

Smart lighting solutions based on motion detection are possible in combination with Smartnodes sensors, radar and infrared.

Luminext will be happy to advise you on the solution that is most suitable at the desired location.

Dim when and where it is possible

Chose locally controlled lighting if residents experience light nuisance, in areas where flora and fauna deserve peace and on quiet roads with little traffic where it would be a waste to illuminate all night. Locally controlled street lighting is dimmed as much as possible and only illuminates when there is a need for light.

In the case of bespoke street lighting, also known as on- demand lighting, the light level goes up as soon as the motion sensor detects the road user. As soon as the road is empty again, the light dims automatically. Because the lighting is dimmed as much and as long as possible, up to 80% energy will be saved and the light nuisance for local residents and nature will be minimized.

A link between Luminizer Connect & Control and motion sensors, external communication systems or traffic measuring equipment results in locally controlled lighting. Read more about it in the brochure ‘Locally controlled lighting’, that you can download from this page.

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