Smart lighting for public spaces and industry

Illuminate public lighting when it's needed, dim as much as possible. The Luminext smart lighting system offers the most modern technologies and tools to manage and control the public lighting area in a sustainable, energy-efficient and cost-efficient way.

  • Save energy

    Saving 60% energy by dimming; reducing CO2 emissions for climate goals.
  • Lower costs

    Save 30% operating costs with efficient maintenance management.
  • Safe area

    Local lighting according to the current need for social and road safety.

Dim the public lighting to save energy

With the Luminext smart lighting systems for public spaces, governments, companies and industry save more than 60% energy. Operational costs are reduced by 30%.

By dimming the streetlighting as much as possible and only illuminating when it is needed, the energy-saving goals according to the Climate Agreement are achieved, while safety on the street is guaranteed and light nuisance and light pollution are minimized.

‘Showing the stars over Europe’

About Luminext


Luminext smart lighting system for large-scale use

The complete Luminext smart lighting system is future-proof and suitable for large-scale application. It works excellently well with all brands and types of luminaires, lighting components and sensors, and also in combination with smart lighting systems from other suppliers.

The Luminizer software is the central cockpit for managing and controlling the entire public lighting area. The wide range of Luminext Outdoor Lamp Controllers (OLCs) meets the diverse functional lighting needs in public spaces.

about smart lighting


Luminizer management & control software

Luminizer is the central cockpit to manage the assets and maintenance work of both static and dynamic public lighting and for the remote dimming and monitoring of dynamic lighting.

  • Asset Management

    Smart management of all outdoor lighting assets

    Easily manage asset data in one system; all data always up to date.

  • Connect & Control

    Dimming and monitoring public lighting remotely

    Determine the light intensity remotely and monitor the operation of the lamp.

  • Maintenance

    Efficient repair and maintenance work

    Smart maintenance management and control over work orders and costs.

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