Smart Lighting for public spaces and industry

Illuminate when needed, dim when possible

With Luminext dynamic lighting systems you save energy and lower your operating costs. Smart lighting enables you to realise your climate goals and to minimize light pollution.

Luminext services governments, corporation and industrial partners. Together we aim to bring back natural light and darkness.

About Luminext


Our smart lighting solutions

Luminext provides user friendly management and control software and reliable lamp controllers for smart lighting. Complete solutions for fully functional remote management. Efficient and future proof.

  • Light Management

    Smart and efficient management of outdoor assets

    Cost reduction, time saving, workflow management and business insight

  • Dynamic Lighting

    Dimming when possible, illuminate when needed

    Save energy, more safety on the streets, automatic failure reporting

  • Smart City & IoT

    Work together to build the smart city of the future

    Innovations for tomorrow’s comfortable, healthy and safe urban environment

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