Luminext Coronavirus update

To limit the spread of the Corona virus, Luminext employees work at home according to the advice of RIVM. Appointments and meetings with colleagues and relations take place online or by telephone. Luminext can be reached as usual during regular opening hours on weekdays.
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Smart Lighting for public spaces and industry

Illuminate when needed, dim when possible

With the smart lighting systems from Luminext you save more than 60% energy and reduce maintenance costs. By dimming the street lighting as much as possible and only illuminating when it is needed, you achieve the energy-saving goals, while ensuring safety on the street and minimizing light nuisance for residents and nature.

Luminext works for governments, companies and industry. Together we ensure that we can see the stars again in 2030.

About Luminext


Luminext smart lighting solutions

  • Asset Management

    Smart management of all outdoor lighting assets

    Easily manage asset data in one system; all data always up to date.

  • Connect & Control

    Dimming and monitoring outdoor lighting remotely

    Determine the light intensity remotely and monitor the operation of the lamp.

  • Maintenance

    Work together to build the smart city of the future

    Smart maintenance management and control over work orders and costs.

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