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Smart lighting systems

RF3 system

RF3 system

The RF3 system consists of the OLC300S outdoor lamp controller (OLC), the Gateway GW1. The OLCs in the luminaires of the RF3 network are wirelessly connected via Radio Frequency signals at 868 MHz. They automatically build a network.

The network remains operational in the event of one or more OLCs failing, for example due to a defective mast fuse, phase or group. The network is self-repairing because the functions are taken over by other OLCs. Even if a gateway fails, communication is taken over by another gateway and the network continues to function.

The RF3 network can be expanded infinitely by adding OLCs and gateways. There is no hard limit on the number of OLCs per Gateway. In practice, we assume 500 OLCs per Gateway for large-scale application.

  • Suitable for all luminaire types
  • Widely applicable and expandable
  • Nodes built into the luminaires
  • No external antenna required
  • 868 MHz / MyriaMesh Network Technology

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