Dynamic lighting

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Remotely control and monitor public lighting

Determine the brightness of the outdoor lighting remotely with Luminizer Connect & Control. Dimming saves energy and reduces light nuisance and if more lighting is needed for safety and comfort, you increase the light level.

  • Save energy & costs

    Determining the light level efficiently saves energy, costs and materials.
  • Sustainable dimming

    Dimming the lighting reduces CO2 emissions and gives less light nuisance.
  • Safety outdoors

    Illuminate more where it is needed for comfort and safety on the street.

Control the lighting remotely

With Luminizer Connect & Control you control the light level of public lighting remotely according to the need on site. For example, you opt for generous lighting during rush hour, on dangerous roundabouts and intersections and you dimm the street lighting late at night. Even in nature areas, the light level can usually be lowered, for the tranquility of flora and fauna.

By dimming the public lighting as much as possible, light nuisance is prevented, energy is saved and the life of the lighting components is extended.

Dynamic lighting with dimming schemes

To dim the street lighting remotely, set a dimming scheme for each group of lampposts using the handy dimming scheme editor. Each dimming scheme is given its own color on the map. In this way you can see at a glance which part of the area has which dimming scheme.

Exception dimming schedules are useful for the holidays and during roadworks. In the event of an emergency you immediately increase the light level on site with a temporary cancellation of the dimming schedule.

Illuminate on demand with sensors

havenbedrijf amsterdam On Demand verlichting

Local custom-made public lighting can be achieved by linking to motion sensors or traffic measurements. With on-demand street lighting, the light level on site is always adjusted to the road use and the need for light at that moment for a safe feeling and good view of the road.

With on-demand lighting, the light level increases as long as the motion sensor detects a road user. Because dimming is used as much as possible, up to 80% energy is saved and the light nuisance for local residents and nature is reduced.

More safety with emergency lighting  

calamitietneverlichting On Demand Leidseplein

In the event of an accident or disturbances in the city, there is more need for light. With emergency lighting, the light level of regular dynamic lighting or special emergency spotlights can be increased immediately. This can be done by pushing the installed button, a text message or via the P-2000 police system.

The bright street lighting gives emergency services a better view of their work and ensures clear camera images. People feel safer on the street and that improves the image of the city.

Save time with automatic fault detection  

With Luminizer Connect & Control, live street light checking is no longer necessary. As soon as a lamp is defective, the OLC sends a malfunction signal to Luminizer.

You can see the lamp status on the device management dashboard. For example, a broken lamp, a voltage-free ballast, an offline gateway or a sensor that is not functioning properly. The automatic fault detection in Luminizer allows you to start the repair quickly.

Monitoring energy consumption and costs

Luminizer Connect & Control provides insight into the actual energy consumption of each lamppost in the lighting installation. Smart reports provide input to take the right saving choices, determine the expected lifetime of the luminaires and optimize the dimming policy.

The financial reports give you insight into the costs of maintenance and support you in making decisions for operational management, efficiency and budgeting.

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