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Maintenance Management

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The public lighting efficiently maintained

With the Luminizer Maintenance software you ensure that the public lighting works well. You have all the tools for efficient fault and maintenance management. You save time and costs and keep the overview.

  • Efficient maintenance

    Smart maintenance management and control over work orders and costs.
  • Smart fault management

    Short repair times; the lighting functions properly again quickly.
  • Monitoring activities

    Insight into the progress of work orders and the number of defect reports.

Efficient maintenance management

With Luminizer Maintenance you plan and organize the fault recovery and maintenance of the lighting installations. From creating a work order to reporting ready. Everything organized in one system.

You have the data for all lighting columns. For example, by combining the defect and maintenance history with the asset data, it becomes clear when it is time for maintenance or replacement.

Time-saving fault management

In the event of a fault message, the administrator simply initiates the work order in Luminizer Maintenance. In order to achieve short repair times, the fault is assigned to the contractor as quickly as possible. All required asset and fault information is visible to the service engineer in Luminizer Maintenance. This allows him to get started with the right materials.

During the repair, the service engineer on site immediately registers his work in Luminizer Maintenance. He can also add photos and comments for clarification. In this way, everyone is always immediately informed of the status and progress of the repair and no subsequent registration at the office is necessary.

Link to public fault reporting apps and portals

The municipal apps and portals where residents report defective street lighting can be linked to Luminizer. Error messages are then automatically forwarded to Luminizer Maintenance, after which the repair is started.

Instead of a link, it is also possible to let residents use the public reporting portal for public lighting from Luminext via a link on the municipality website.

Online monitoring

The dashboard in Luminizer Maintenance shows the status of all work orders so you can take action where necessary. You can see how many work orders are open, how many have been processed and which have exceeded the deadline.

You can monitor how the work is progressing per work order. The technician ensures that the light functions properly again as quickly as possible, after which the work order is made “affordable”.

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