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Dim when possible, illuminate when needed

People prefer light over dark. Light means comfort and safety. However, our habit to flood our environment with light makes that we hardly ever experience true darkness anymore. Our planet lights up at night and that abundantly illuminated globe symbolizes our energy waste. This needs to change.

We believe that a safe and comfortable environment can be combined well with less illumination.

By dimming the public lighting as much as possible and only illuminate when needed our clients save up to 70% energy. You do not only reduce costs; your ecological footprint decreases significantly.

Together with governments, corporations, and industry we strive to reintroduce truly dark nights and make the Milky Way visible to all in 2030.


“61% of the population agrees that public lighting can be dimmed at night”

Research by peil.nl 

Save energy with Luminext lighting systems

Luminext lighting systems consist of hardware and software. The Luminext Outdoor Lamp Controller in the light pole communicates with our Luminizer control and management software.

If you dim the lighting when the circumstances allow, you profit from sustainable benefits. Energy consumption and related CO2 emissions decrease significantly. Less light pollution benefits people and wildlife alike. By offering additional light when needed, people feel safe and comfortable on the street.

Using our smart lighting systems to manage and control the lighting in the outdoor space you do not only lower your energy bill, but also but also operating costs. You have full insight in the energy consumption and are in full control of the outdoor environment.

Luminext lighting solutions enable efficient maintenance and failure management.

Our software engineers are constantly developing and improving our Luminizer software and together with our partners we continuously optimize our future proof hardware. We make sure that you build a stable, finely-meshed network which serves as the basis for tomorrow’s Smart City applications.

Luminext is market leader in dynamic lighting solutions. As part of Eneco Group and RJT Finance we have a long term view on sustainability and energy saving.


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At Luminext, we employ people with ambition. Together with our clients and partners, we make the environment more sustainable, safer and more comfortable. An outdoor space where it is pleasant to be. Together we do our utmost for the best result.
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Luminext believes in partnerships while maintaining everyone's independence. Together with partners, we offer robust and reliable dynamic lighting solutions in the outdoor area. These fit seamlessly to the needs of our customers. Together we achieve more.
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