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Dim when possible, illuminate when needed

Public lighting is one of the major energy consumers in municipalities, provinces and industry. The latest lighting technologies from Luminext ensure that the lighting is only activated where and when it is needed.

The 91 million street lights in Europe are the main consumers of energy for governments. The electricity use costs over 10 billion euros yearly. We believe that a safe, comfortable and sustainable environment is possible with less illumination.

By dimming the public lighting as much as possible and only illuminate when needed our clients save up to 60% energy. Also the operational costs reduce with 30%. The ecological footprint decreases significantly.

Luminext’s robust smart street lighting systems are very suitable for large-scale lighting installations in cities, on highways and in rural areas.

This is how saving energy with smart street lighting works

15 years of smart lighting experience

Luminext ensures that your smart lighting system is perfectly matched to the goals. From the first idea, the account managers of Luminext sit at the customer’s table to advise on the technical possibilities and to support in decision-making on the basis of the functional wishes for the public space.

The Luminizer management and control software for public lighting is developed in-house at Luminext. Our own software developers are optimising  the software continuously and respond quickly to questions from the software users.

Luminext is an independent player and market leader in the Netherlands in the field of smart lighting.


Luminext is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified.

Lightpoints managed or controlled with Luminizer software

Our Team

Ambitious people work at Luminext.

Together with our clients and partners, we make the environment more sustainable, safer and more comfortable.


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Luminext believes in partnerships. Together with partners, we offer robust and reliable dynamic lighting solutions for public spaces. These fit seamlessly to the needs of our customers. Together we achieve more.

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