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Luminizer app
Luminext supports Lis Hartel
New compact 100W ballast!
Dag van de Openbare Ruimte success!
Luminizer app Met een app op je smartphone het licht van lantaarnpalen regelen. De gemeente Stadskanaal begint daar binnenkort een proef mee. Verkeersdeelnemers kunnen dan met hun telefoon de straatverlichting aan- en uitzetten. Dat kan een flinke besparing opleveren. Read the Full Story
Luminext supports Lis Hartel Luminext is proud sponsor of the golf course Doorn for their anniversary year. The occassion is being used to raise money for Lis Hartel. Lis Hartel is an organisation that gives disabled people the opportunity to ride horse.  Read the Full Story
New compact 100W ballast!   Luminext presents a new compact version of the Eltam 100W ballast. This electronic ballast now has the same dimensions as the Eltam 70W ballast. Building in a ballast in a fixture became even easier.  Read the Full Story
Dag van de Openbare Ruimte success! The "Day of the Public Space", an inspiration for officials, architects, advisors and other specialists in public space. This year Luminext was present for the first time on the biggest trade fair in the area of public space in the Netherlands in 2012. Read the Full Story

Recent Installations

Recent installations

12336 HAM_foto_vlisterdijk-klein

On bicyclepath Vlisterdijk near the town of Vlist Luminext installed a Luminyx RF system which switches the lights on with a motion sensor.


On the new roundabout on the N830 near the town of Tuil in the Netherlands an intelligent powerline system is installed.

Recente installatie_2

On a bicycle path in Deventer the lights are always switched off. A motion sensor switches it on if motion is detected at night.

Important News

  • Wireless installation N788 in the Provence of Gelderland
    One of the 13 new wireless dimming installations in the Provence of Gelderland have recently been placed on the N788 near the City of Apeldoorn. The road which runs under the main road A1 is part of a bigger project which is made in corporation with the contractor BAM and the Provence.
  • N419 near Harmelen goes dynamic
    On the N419 the Provence of Utrecht has chosen for the dynamic dimming system from Luminext. The road which was opened in 2010 as access road from Leidsche Rijn to the highway A12 is now, in coorperation with Citytec, illuminated durably. 
  • Bikeroad Sellingen with Luminext system
    In Sellingen the well-known "Luminext for bike-roads" is being used from now on. This total solution is used troughout the Netherlands and Sellingen, a community which belongs to the town of Vlagtwedde, also profites from today.
  • Opening Lijsterbespad Kessel
    Thursdaynight on the 15th of November the neighbourhood Lijsterbespad in Kessel has officially been reopened. The new dynamic lighting from Luminext which the town of Kessel has chosen got special attention.
  • Torenplein Surhuisterveen
    On the Torenplein in the town of Surhuisterveen the public lighting has been replaced. The decision has been made to use the dynamic dimming system of Luminext.