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The power of partnerships

Luminext believes in partnerships. We like to work together while maintaining independence. Together with our partners we offer robust and reliable dynamic lighting solutions for outdoor lighting. Together we achieve the best results.

Luminext is always looking for strong partners. Installers, resellers, luminaire manufacturers and integrators.

As partners we enhance each others market position. We create commercial benefits, share technical know-how and jointly develop innovative concepts.

Together we make sure our solutions seamlessly fit with our client’s needs. At home and abroad.

The flexible, open systems from Luminext make it possible to connect and integrate other brands of software and hardware. In this way, our customers and our partners retain complete freedom in making choices, now and in the future.

It is possible to have the Luminext OLCs installed in the luminaires ex-factory. That is extremely efficient for both the supplier and the customer.

One of our partners is the Belgian SmartNodes. We are the exclusive distributor of the SmartNodes motion sensors in the Netherlands for On Demand lighting solutions.

Luminext is an independent company and partner of Eneco Group.

Our partners - contractors

Our partners - luminaires & technology

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Jasper Homma

Channel & Partner Manager