Municipality of Gilze en Rijen wins Smart Lighting Award 2020

The Smart Lighting Award 2020 goes to the municipality of Gilze en Rijen

This year the Smart Lighting Award goes to the municipality of Gilze en Rijen in the Provence of Noord-Brabant. The municipality deserves this award for its excellent performance in the field of energy saving with smart public lighting.


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Thanks to the large-scale rollout of smart LED lighting, Gilze en Rijen has already achieved the Climate Agreement targets for 2030. The smart way in which the lighting area is managed and maintained is also rewarded with this award. Director Robert Tissing of Luminext presented the Smart Lighting Award 2020 to councillor Ariane Zwarts and project supervisor Eduard Kniknie on November 19.

Sustainability goals

Sustainability goals and efficiency goals were the basis for the decision to replace conventional street lighting with smart LED lighting on a large scale. The replacement was realized in a short time in order to benefit as quickly as possible from energy savings, less light nuisance and automated maintenance processes.

Ariane Zwarts, councillor of Gilze en Rijen: “The investment in smart public lighting is based on more benefits than just energy savings. We are now also seeing the positive effects of more efficient maintenance and improvements in other policy areas, such as traffic and safety. In all aspects it has been a good decision to make the switch to smart public lighting.”

"We are now also seeing the positive effects of more efficient maintenance and improvements in other policy areas"

Ariane Zwarts, Councillor of Gilze en Rijen

Energy saving

In the period 2018-2019, nearly 60% of the approximately 8,000 lamps were replaced by energy-efficient LED lighting equipped with smart lighting technology for remote management, dimming and monitoring of the lighting area. This has reduced energy consumption by 37% and the energy saving targets for public lighting have been achieved in accordance with the Climate Agreement 2030.

Project supervisor Eduard Kniknie works from the official partnership ABG organization for the municipalities of Alphen-Chaam, Baarle-Nassau and Gilze en Rijen: “Meanwhile, the municipalities of Alphen-Chaam and Baarle-Nassau that cooperate with Gilze and Rijen are also using this technology with LED lighting. We like to apply what works well in one municipality in other municipalities. This is a good example.”

Efficient maintenance processes automatic fault detection 

Now that all public lighting in the municipality is managed, controlled and monitored in the telemagement software platform and the lighting is only fully on when needed, the municipality is working on the automated execution of fault and maintenance processes. For example, the smart lighting columns automatically send a notification to the management platform as soon as there is a defect. Because the repair order is automatically passed on to the contractor, the malfunction is resolved quickly, ensuring road safety and satisfied residents as a result.

Robert Tissing, director of Luminext: “The successful way in which the ABG organization, together with the municipalities of Gilze and Rijen, Alphen-Chaam and Baarle-Nassau, implement their sustainability objectives, makes them an example for other municipalities in The Netherlands.”

"This municipality is an example for other municipalities in The Netherlands."

Robert Tissing, Director of Luminext

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