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Edam-Volendam takes a major step in saving energy

The matter

How can the municipality save energy to achieve the climate goals, while maintaining safety on the street?

The solution

The municipality of Edam-Volendam replaces more than 1,200 luminaires with sustainable, dynamic LED lighting. With this large-scale implementation, she is taking a major step in the field of energy saving. René Oskam, Dynniq: “Thanks to the intensive collaboration with Luminext, we can offer Edam-Voledam an integrated intelligent solution. In this way we help the municipality to become more sustainable and their street lighting becomes manageable. ”

That’s smart!

By dimming the public lighting where possible and by letting the lights burn brightly at busy intersections and dark back paths, the municipality is realizing other objectives in addition to saving energy. This reduces light nuisance and improves road and social safety on the street. Moreover, new smart LED lighting is maintenance-friendly and that provides a considerable saving in operational costs.

Client: Municipality of Edam-Volendam
Location: Edam-Volendam
Aim: Save energy and costs, reduce light pollution, social and traffic safety
Solution: Dynamic lighting
Products: OLC300 RF, Gateways, Luminizer Connect & Control
Constructor: Dynniq
Luminaires: Lightronics, Lightwel

"This integrated intelligent solution makes the lighting manageable."

 René Oskam, Dynniq

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