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Renkum becomes Smart City

The matter

How can the municipality of Renkum be relieved without major investments in making the municipality more sustainable and its transition to smart public lighting? Can it simultaneously build an infrastructure for future Smart City applications?

The solution

Luminext (smart lighting), Citytec (service partner) and Primevest Capital Partners (financing) are starting a partnership for the realization of a complete infrastructure of smart lighting throughout the municipality of Renkum, including the possibility of Smart City applications in the coming years to add. In the next 2.5 years, around 3,000 lighting columns and 6,000 luminaires will be replaced in Renkum.

That’s smart!

The cooperating parties provide “Light as a Service” with a unique form of financing for a completely renewed and sustainable area that remains the property of the municipality itself. In addition, the annual costs for the municipality remain the same as in previous years. The consortium invests and ensures that the lighting works properly throughout the contract period.

Location: Municipality of Renkum
Goal: Save energy, financing, Smart City Infrastructure
Solution: Light as a service included smart lighting, service and financing
Products: Luminext OLC's en gateways, Luminizer telemanagement system
Constructor: Citytec
Luminaires: Schréder
Financing: Primevest Capital Partners

"We are looking forward to working together with these strong parties!”

Kevin Groen, Project Manager municipality of Renkum

Unique form of financing

Municipality of Renkum is the first municipality that has chosen to use the ‘Smart City Nederland’- initiative of Primevest Capital Partners in collaboration with the Bank Nederlandse Gemeenten (BNG). ‘Smart City Nederland’ invests, after which the municipality purchases public street lighting as a service from the consortium. The consortium will unburden the municipality completely, while the public lighting remains the property of the municipality. With this solution, the municipality can realize the transition to sustainable and smart lighting in a much shorter period of time and spread out the associated replacement costs over a longer period. 

Future-proof telemanagement system

By using intelligent Luminext products, the street lighting can be dimmed and monitored remotely. In combination with the LED luminaires, this results in an expected energy saving of 60%. With the Luminext smart lighting technology, the municipality and the service partner have all the tools at their disposal for actively managing and controlling public lighting, which saves costs.

Asset management, maintenance management and the control of all dynamic lighting will be done with the Luminext telemanagement system. Because this system communicates with all brands of luminaires and can be linked with sensors, it is future-proof and suitable for the choices that Renkum will make, now and in the future.

Prepared for Smart City technologies

The lampposts are suitable for implementing new technologies, such as sensors for measuring air quality and regulating traffic flows in the context of the Environment Act. In the near future, the lampposts can also be used for mobile internet applications (WiFi and 5G), as a charging point for electric cars, for camera security in the context of public order and security and other Smart City applications. In this way, Renkum lays the foundation for the city of the future.

Kevin Groen, project leader for the municipality of Renkum: “We have been busy in recent years for the tender for new public lighting. We are in need of replacement; our area is outdated and some lampposts are about to fall over. So we cannot wait until the first lampposts are replaced. We are looking forward to a great collaboration in a unique tender form!”

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