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Rijkswaterstaat saves energy on Highway A10

The matter

The highways of Rijkswaterstaat require regular maintenance. How can you save on operational costs and energy consumption?

The solution

To save energy and extend the life of the motorway lighting, the new LED luminaires on this 11-kilometer route are equipped with dynamic lighting components with Powerline control from Luminext. They are connected to the Teles signal application in the Rijkswaterstaat traffic center.

That’s smart!

The new LED highway lighting is dimmed in the silent night hours and thus Rijkswaterstaat saves up to 60% energy. In addition to lower energy consumption, there are fewer costs for maintenance and replacement.

Client: Rijkswaterstaat
Location: Highway A10, Amsterdam
Goal: Saving energy and costs
Solution: Dynamic lighting with Powerline
Products: OLC Powerline, Segment Controller, link with Telesignaal
Contractor: De Jong Zuurmond and Speer Infra
Luminaires: Schréder

"Proud of the smart lighting we have installed on busy A10 Highway!"

Sebas van den Brink, Speer Infra

Longer service life, lower costs

Because the lighting components operate at a lower operating temperature, the coating is subject to less wear. This makes the luminaires up to 30% longer. In combination with LED lighting, the lifespan is even 4 times higher than with conventional lighting. Because the lamps need to be replaced less often, the maintenance costs are lower. Less often, traffic measures are needed such as driving lanes.

Emergency lighting

In the event of an emergency, Rijkswaterstaat can scale up the lighting to the full at the touch of a button, so that good visibility and safety for emergency responders are guaranteed.

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