Connect & Control lighting

Smart light control in province of South Holland

The matter

What are the locations of the light poles in the province? What is a cost-saving alternative to notice defective lighting and how can the province save energy?

The solution

With the aid of video inventory, all 14,460 static and dynamic lighting poles have been mapped. All assets have been entered into Luminizer for efficient management. New luminaires are fitted with Luminext modules (OLCs).

That’s smart!

The province never needs to look again. The smart management and control system of Luminext reports defects automatically. That saves a lot on an annual basis. Where and when possible, the lighting is dimmed to save energy, while maintaining good visibility and safety on the road.

Client: Province South Holland
Location: Province South Holland, main roads
Goal: Automatic fault management and efficient light management control
Solution: Connect & Control dynamic lighting
Products: 4460 OLC’s mainly RF, Luminizer
Contractor: JUVA a.o.
Luminaires: Philips, Luxision, Innolumis a.o.

"The biggest savings? That you have to send fewer people outside."

Jeroen de Jong, responsible for public lighting, Province South Holland

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