Connect & Control lighting

Hengelo chooses sustainable lighting

The matter

Hengelo wants to drastically reduce energy expenditure on public lighting. She does so under the motto ‘Do not relieve, unless …’. Of course, while maintaining safety and comfort in the residential areas and in the city center.

The solution

The dynamic lighting is remotely managed and controlled with Luminizer. The OLCs in the luminaires provide communication and the smart dimming schemes ensure that the light dims late at night. Because Luminizer is brand-independent, the dimmable lighting of various suppliers is controlled.

That’s smart!

With the sustainable, dimmable LED, Hengelo saves energy. This is visible in the Luminizer reports. In the outer areas the darkness increases and for that nature is very grateful. By managing and controlling with the open Luminizer software, the municipality has total control.

Client: City of Hengelo
Location: Hengelo
Goal: Saving energy, safety and comfort on the street
Solution: Dynamic lighting: Connect & Control. Products: Luminizer, 627 street lights with OLC300
Contractor: Dynniq
Luminaires: Modernista, Lightwell, Sustainder a.o.

‘Energy-efficient lighting and pleasant living go well together'

Peter van Marle, Advisor Public Lighting Hengelo

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