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Chemelot Industries saves energy

The matter

At Chemelot in Geleen the lighting is lit 24 hours a day and that costs a lot of money and energy. Chemelot wants improvement and strongly seizes the lighting on the whole factory site.

The solution

Administrator Sitech opts for super safe, smart TPPL lighting for the industry. Managing and controlling it is done with Luminizer management and monitoring software. Financing goes through a lease agreement. An integral solution.

That’s smart!

Without investing (CAPEX 0), Chemelot will enjoy 15 years of a sustainable lighting installation that works efficiently and properly. The smart, energy-efficient and ATEX-certified TPPL lamps automatically adjust the amount of light to the environment.

A permanent contractor for maintenance and service ensures minimal downtime and the Luminizer management and performance software from Luminext gives total control. By intelligently lighting, Chemelot can fully concentrate on the industrial operation.

Client: Sitech for Chemelot Industries
Location: Chemelot Industries
Goal: Saving energy, more safety and avoiding light pollution
Solution: Integral lease concept for financing, management, maintenance, hardware and software
Products: Luminizer management & control systems
Luminaires: TPPL

"That enormous amount of light, that's really not necessary"

Michiel Winthagen, manager at Luminext

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