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Scaling up smart street lighting requires flexible management software  

Municipalities continue expanding smart street lighting. Dynamic LED lighting has so many advantages that we cannot ignore it.

Smart lighting technology is also being developed continuously. Anyone who now takes the step to smart street lighting must take these trends into account. It is extremely important to make smart choices now to be able to move forward for years.

Know how


Reasons  and motivations related to the purchase and use of smart lighting are discussed in “Know how”.

Ultimately, all public lighting becomes smart

Municipalities that want to take full advantage of the smart street lighting benefits such as energy savings, efficiency and ensuring safety on the street, ultimately make all their public lighting smart to be able to manage and control it remotely. Preferably from one single software platform. But that does not mean that all smart lighting in that municipality is identical.

Varied street lighting landscape

Only one type or brand of smart lighting technology in the entire area does not make sense, because the need for light is different in each location. Think of lighting with color control to support the pleasant atmosphere in the shopping center, the possibility of extra light capacity for safety in the square with cafes and lighting based on motion detection at the edge of a nature reserve for nature conservation. The environmental factors also differ everywhere, for example an industrial estate with tall buildings, a densely built-up residential area or a rural area with meadows.

"Exclude vendor lock-in. Make sure the management software can handle many brands of hardware."

Management software must be able to deal with almost all brands of hardware

In reality, the total lighting network therefore consists of different brands and types of light controllers and communication technologies. The use of a flexible software platform such as Luminizer that is suitable for managing and controlling many types of lighting, makes it possible to combine, manage and remotely control and monitor all those different types of smart lighting hardware.

Maintain freedom of choice

When expanding smart street lighting it is important that you maintain freedom of choice. Now and in the future. Only then can you can benefit from the latest technologies and meet the light requirements on each location.

We give you 3 tips:

  1. Make sure you are not tied to one specific brand of lamp controller
  2. Choose a flexible management platform that can deal with almost all brands
  3. Always remain the owner of all data in your municipality

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