Prolumia and Luminext trusted partners

Trusted partnership for Prolumia and Luminext

Light specialist Prolumia, part of Nedelko B.V., has entered into an intensive collaboration with Luminext to offer smart lighting systems for public spaces. This enables an integrated range of products that is even better suited to the functional needs in public space./


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Adjustment to need

Municipalities and provinces are asking for innovative, sustainable and energy-efficient lighting solutions for public space. There is a growing need for integrated smart lighting solutions that can be applied on a large scale to improve the safety and quality of the living environment.

By opting for an intensive collaboration, whereby independence is retained, Prolumia and Luminext combine experience, expertise and a strong product range. Both parties have a strong vision in the field of smart total solutions within the public lighting industry. By entering into this collaboration within the public lighting chain, an integrated range of products is created that is even better suited to the functional needs in public space.

'An integrated offer is even better suited to the functional needs in public space'

Robert Tissing, Director Luminext

Prolumia has chosen Luminext as a partner because of its many years of knowledge, the wide range of robust hardware and the complete software package for managing, controlling and monitoring the lighting area. All types of Luminext controllers can be factory-installed in the Prolumia luminaires. The first joint project has recently been realized, to the full satisfaction of the municipality of Hengelo.

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