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For municipalities, the world of public lighting often takes place above ground: columns and luminaires are the property of the municipality, the supply cables and switch boxes are the responsibility of the grid operators. As a result, the asset management function in most municipalities focuses on these above-ground objects. However, an increasing number of municipalities and other (semi-)public authorities manage a substantial part of the power supply network for public lighting themselves.


In the news

In the news


An integral view of the entire installation

When the public lighting installation is powered by its own supply cables, the entire lighting installation, from street cabinet to light source, is the responsibility of the asset manager. In order to enable managing this entire installation as one coherent system, including street cabinets, cables, pipes, columns and luminaires, Luminext has developed the new ‘Grid’ module. Within the familiar management environment of the above-ground objects, the underground objects can now also be managed.

Import, export or draw yourself

Objects such as casing pipes, cables, joints and even overhead wires can now be managed in the same system with their exact location and all desired characteristics such as type, installation date, maintenance status, etc. Cables can be imported from any CAD or GIS application and be added to the area after checking and approval. Adjustments can also be entered manually using the special drawing functions. Data for projects can be easily exported to share with the contractor who can then load it into their CAD package. The revision drawings can then be loaded back into Luminizer Grid for approval and editing. Installation drawings are automatically generated by the system.

Always up to date

Automatic publication on a geoserver in WMS format means that the current situation is always available online for other stakeholders and departments.

"Our department no longer needs an additonal dedicated GIS application since Luminizer ‚Äď Grid is used."

All information available online

With Luminizer Grid, it is possible to manage underground infrastructure as an integrated part of the entire public lihgting infrastructure. All information is always centrally available to managers, supervisors, contractors and other parties involved.



  • Specifically developed for public lighting
  • Capture data and trajectories of cables and make them easily visible on the map
  • Luminizer Grid is an extension of Luminizer Asset Management
  • Unique drawing functions to easily modify the location of cables and other underground assets by yourself
  • Coding and styles can be set according to your own preferences
  • Generate installation drawings
  • Automatic publication on WMS server
  • Easy import and export of revision drawings
  • Extensive user rights support approval processes

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