Introducing Luminizer Version 6.0

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Introducing Luminizer Version 6.0

The launch of Luminizer 6.0 makes it even easier for lighting managers to gain insight into the functioning of the lighting area. With new reports, more comprehensive overview information becomes available, while the status of individual devices is displayed more clearly and in case of malfunctions a solution is offered. New notifications and more extensive search options have also been added.


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Insight and Overview over Thousands of Objects

Version 6.0 of the Luminizer central management system includes significant enhancements and improvements.

Reports provide improved overview of the composition and operation of the entire public lighting area and are made available periodically.

Status reports received from smart devices are displayed with more explanation, making it easier for the user to assess what follow-up action is required.

The composition of objects is displayed in a new way and the user is informed of changes within the application by notifications.

Also, navigating through the area and between different modules in Luminizer is facilitated by the improved search function and the new history functions.

"With Luminizer 6.0, users have even more control over their area."

In summary, this new version of Luminizer includes the following features:

  • Overview reports for Asset Management and Maintenance users
  • Improved display of statuses and sub-states of Smart Devices
  • Improved graphic display of assets, asset compositions and associated objects
  • A notification system that informs users of changes, failures and maintenance announcements from the Luminizer platform.
  • Global search and navigation history for improved workflow.

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