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Prorail opts for minimal lighting & working safely

The matter

Prorail intents only to illuminate on the train yard. Whoever works on the site at night must be able to do so safely and with sufficient light.

The solution

Prorail replaces the lighting installation and makes it sustainable by dimming the lighting as much as possible. Only if someone is present, for example to move a train, the lighting should go to 100% during one hour. The detection sensors of 92 lamp posts signal the person and activate the lighting where necessary.

That’s smart!

By dimming the sustainable LED lighting and only illuminating when there is movement, Prorail achieves maximum savings in terms of energy and maintenance costs. In this way it reduces the ecological footprint of the rail network.

Location: a.a. Hengelo, Arnhem, Heerlen, Roosendaal, Onnen
Goal: Safety and energy saving
Solution: Dynamic on demand lighting
Products: OLC Mira, Beg sensor IP65
Constructor: Klaver
Luminaires: Schréder

'Prorail only illuminates when it is really necessary. That prevents light nuisance and is energy efficient.'

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