Rotterdam wins Smart Lighting Award 2022

The Smart Lighting Award 2022 has been awarded to the Municipality of Rotterdam. The city wins this award because Rotterdam is the first large city in the Netherlands who decided to apply smart LED lighting technology as the standard in the city and has already implemented over 70,000 smart public lights.


Recent developments

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Energy saving

By deploying Smart Lighting, the city has created an opportunity for itself to actively manage and control its energy consumption. By starting this transition on time, the city can now reap the benefits of its efforts in a period when energy prices are unexpectedly high. Because most of the lighting can be controlled remotely, the municipality has the opportunity to save additional energy and costs should circumstances warrant it.

Data driven processes

As malfunctions are detected remotely and object information is always available online, it is increasingly easy for the municipal organisation to manage the more than 100,000 light objects in a well-organised manner. The quality of public lighting is becoming more measurable so that the organisation can respond better and apply a more data-driven approach.

By taking the strategic decision to apply smart technology in public lighting as the new standard and then applying it consistently, Rotterdam shows how public lighting can be actively used to save energy and improve quality.


City of Rotterdam wins Smart Lighting Award 2022.

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