TALQ offers freedom and flexibility in the choice of smart street lighting.

TALQ offers freedom and flexibility in the choice of smart street lighting.

The application of smart street lighting is no longer new. Many governments have experimented with it, are currently doing so, or have already decided to roll it out on a large scale. Municipalities such as Rotterdam, Tilburg, The Hague, Breda, Arnhem, Stadskanaal, and Renkum belong to the last category.



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In the News

Smart street lighting is also known as Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology. This involves a combination of connected sensors in physical objects (e.g., luminaires) and management and control software that communicate with each other via the internet. IoT technology is rapidly advancing, with new solutions emerging every day. However, this rapid progress also presents a challenge!

How can you be sure that you choose smart solution(s) for your infrastructure now and that it will still be the right choice in 10 years?

The honest answer is; no one knows for sure! But you can maximize the chances of success.

As a manager/owner of public lighting, you want freedom of choice and the assurance that you are not tied to one system from one supplier. Open international standards provide the solution for this. Within the public lighting world, TALQ is a great example of such an international standard. TALQ was specifically developed to provide freedom of choice and prevent vendor lock-in in smart city applications. This applies not only to smart street lighting but also to waste management and traffic control, for example.

TALQ enables the control of field installations (e.g., Zhaga puck controllers) from one supplier with a management system from another supplier. This allows you to choose a control system independently of the field system supplier and to use different systems in combination with each other.

For example, it is possible to manage and control field installations from certified suppliers in your public lighting infrastructure using Luminizer software from Luminext. TALQ uses an open protocol based on common web technologies such as HTTP, JSON, and REST. TALQ version 2.6 is currently available.

In 2023, Luminext became one of the first Dutch suppliers to certify its products for TALQ. Luminext is an active member within the consortium and contributes to the development and market launch of the TALQ Smart City Protocol.

Would you like to learn more about what Luminext and TALQ can offer you? Contact us at sales@luminext.eu.

For more information about TALQ, certified solutions, and the TALQ consortium, click here.

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