Luminizer software (SaaS) >99,99% uptime in 2023

Our Luminizer software has been offered for many years following the so-called Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This means that our customers pay annually for the use of the software instead of purchasing it outright. But it also means that Luminext offers the Luminizer software as an online service. Therefore, our customers do not need to install any software within their own network. Luminext takes care of maintenance and management, such as creating backups, maintenance and installation of new versions and updates, security against unauthorized access, and so on. The user simply logs in via


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The SaaS model offers many benefits to our customers (more on that later), but also creates significant dependency. In a SaaS service, availability is the Achilles’ heel. How frustrating is it when you try to log into the software via the internet and discover that it’s not available? You can’t log in! Organizations cannot afford this, but you have little to no control over it, as it is entirely in the hands of the SaaS provider.

Even in 2023, we once again demonstrate our reliability. The availability of our Luminizer software has been consistently high for years, and in the calendar year 2023, we achieved an availability (also referred to as ‘uptime’) of over 99.99%. We are incredibly proud of this achievement and remain committed to maintaining this reliability. In concrete terms, this means that over a full year of 365 days and 24 hours per day, our software has been unavailable to our customers for less than 40 minutes. This is exceptionally high compared to other SaaS providers. It’s a clear indication that we develop reliable software and maintain excellent management and monitoring.


The major benefits of SaaS for our customers primarily include increased efficiency, improved cost-effectiveness, scalability, access to services from anywhere, and automatic updates.

A more extensive list of the benefits of SaaS for our customers:
  • Low setup and infrastructure costs. No investment in own IT resources (servers, operating systems, etc.) and the setup and maintenance of it
  • Accessible from anywhere. Luminizer is accessible from any device with an internet connection, allowing users to access it from home or on their mobile/tablet
  • Quick implementation. Compared to an in-house IT solution, setup is completed in no time.
  • Scalability. Based on annual license costs, our customers acquire what they need. Expansion is simply a matter of purchasing additional licenses
  • Leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for availability and performance.
  • Regular automatic updates. Every month, Luminext provides all updates, to make sure the software is always up-to-date.
  • New features, bug fixes, or security updates are automatically implemented by the vendor and made available depending on the available licenses, allowing the IT department to focus on more critical matters.
  • Security at the highest level required by customers, once again entirely provided by the vendor.

Curious about what Luminizer can do for you? Contact our back office via or by phone at +31 30 207 2017.

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Marcel Hollanders

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