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Dim your public lighting during Earth Hour on March 28th

Dim your public lighting during Earth Hour on March 28th 2020

Earth Hour, a worldwide initiative of WWF, draws attention to combating climate change. Together we can ensure less energy waste, less light pollution. Take action and dim the public lighting during Earth Hour on Saturday, March 28 from 8:30 PM.


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Activate the Earth Hour dimming schedule in 30 seconds

With the Luminizer software for managing and controlling public lighting, you can create a dimming schedule in no time. Below we explain how to do this.

1.  Create a new dimming schedule

In Luminizer Connect & Control, go to ‘dimming and operating’. Click on the ‘edit dimming schedule’ icon (A) at the top right.

Press + in the popup field and give the new dimming schedule a name (for example Earth Hour). Add the desired dimming schedule for this day with in this case at 8.30 PM light level 0% and at 9.30 PM again the regular light level for the rest of the night. Save with check mark at bottom right.

2. Set exception for Earth Hour

Click on the icon ‘Add exception’ at the top right (B).

In the pop-up field, write the name of the exception, (for example Earth Hour 2020), the start and end dates (in this case March 28) and choose the desired dimming schedule that you created earlier. Save.


Do you have aquestion about dimming street lighting?


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