the municipality of Arnhem received the Smart Lighting Award 2023

On 22 January, the municipality of Arnhem received the Smart Lighting Award 2023.

Every year, the Smart Lighting Award is given to an organization that distinguishes itself through the smart application of public lighting.

The municipality of Arnhem received this annual award because it demonstrates that by pursuing consistent policies and applying a combination of smart technologies, a complex infrastructure such as public lighting can be used efficiently and effectively.


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in the news

The coherence of the various initiatives and projects undertaken by the municipality in managing power supply cabinets, light poles, and underground cables and pipes demonstrates the integrated approach practiced by the municipal organization.

For instance, Arnhem applies ‘smart’ LED lighting in the city centre area and along main roads, which can be monitored and controlled remotely. This improves the atmosphere in the city centre while reducing energy consumption. Additionally, the number of light poles experiencing malfunctions has been minimized through automatic fault detection, thereby enhancing safety.

Besides applying Smart Lighting to the individual light points, Arnhem also equipped the power supply cabinets with smart connectivity enabling online monitoring of the system’s operation. By systematically working from different angles towards a situation where all public lighting objects and systems, including the underground (cable) infrastructure, can be managed and controlled in conjunction, the municipality is maximizing the utility of the public lighting installation.

By taking the strategic decision to apply smart technology as the new standard in public lighting Arnhem is demonstrating how public lighting can actively contribute to energy conservation and quality improvement.

Alderman Bob Roelofs received the Smart Lighting Award on behalf of the municipality from the hands of Robert Tissing, director of Luminext, at Arnhem City Hall, in the presence of the public lighting team of the municipality’s public space cluster.

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