Province of South Holland wins Smart Lighting Award

Smart Lighting Award for the Province of South Holland

The Smart Lighting Award 2019 has been presented to the Province of South Holland. Luminext director Robert Tissing presented the award to Jeroen de Jong during the Smart Lighting Symposium last week. The province deserves this award for its strong vision and project realization in the field of smart lighting.


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Leader in smart applications

The Province of South Holland is one of the absolute leaders when it comes to smart applications. In addition to her strong vision, the way in which she manages to combine smart lighting with other innovative solutions in the outdoor space is also worth a compliment. For example, the provence uses energy generation with solar panels and smart systems for a smooth traffic flow. Due to the large-scale roll-out of smart lighting, the province of South Holland is taking full advantage of the benefits such as automatic fault detection and energy saving by dimming during the quiet hours.

Annual symposium

During this 3rd edition of the Luminext Smart Lighting Symposium, municipalities, provinces, contractors and suppliers discussed the possible changes in the handling of public lighting and the opportunities and ideas for the future of smart lighting. Visitors went home with a bag full of eye-openers.

Smart data exchange

During the symposium it became clear that entrepreneurship and guts are necessary to come up with innovations for a sustainable, energy-efficient circular economy and in the and it is the people who have to do it. Smart lighting is increasingly being applied worldwide and in particular the developments in Traffic Control Installations (i-VRI) and Talking Traffic are going very fast. With IT links, we can ensure that we can use each other’s data, which makes placing more sensors in the outdoor area superfluous.


An interesting trend is the shift from ownership to use. Not only in public lighting in the form of customized lease solutions, but also for large companies. For example, Schiphol is leasing the boards for information provision, hospitals have outsourced the furnishing and maintenance for operating rooms and schools are using learning programs and computers on the basis of a subscription. The advantages of these constructions are that the new products can be used immediately without major investment, while the operational costs remain the same and there is no need to worry about maintenance.

Dare to do

Alfred Groote of the municipality of Helmond and Peter Wijands of the municipality of Rotterdam spoke about their experiences with the large-scale use of smart lighting. Within 5 years they want to provide their municipalities with full smart lighting and they are already well on the way. They combine different systems so that each urban area gets the lighting that suits it best. “You learn the most from daring and doing”.

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