• You save energy and costs by using dynamic lighting
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How does it work, the Smart City Hub?

Smart public lighting makes our lives sustainable, safe, healthy and attractive

How smart lighting works

With the dynamic lighting management software you control the street lighting remotely. For example by using installed dimming schedules or sensors to detect traffic. With smart lighting you provide customised lighting, exactly when and where it is needed. This makes people feel safe on the street. As you can dimm the streetlights when lighting is not necessary, you save energy and reduce light pollution for residents.


Smart Lighting at Port of Amsterdam

Cyclists control the streetlighting with their own smartphone app


Smart street lighting, this is what they say...

Smart public lichting in the sustainable residential area Ecolonia in Alphen aan den Rijn


Why choosing direct current?

A quick explanation why governments and companies choose smart lighting combined with DC.



Luminizer - The smart way to control and manage the outdoor space

Check what you can do with Luminizer. (choose English subtitles)


Pilot with ALiS protocol for telemanagement systems for street lighting

The Havenspoorpad is a public laboratory for innovation. Here Rotterdam is testing smart lighting. 

 Source: Gemeente Rotterdam


Saving by using direct current - interview BNR Nieuwsradio

Listen to the broadcast of 20 mei 2015.

link:  70% energiebesparing met straatverlichting


Short circuit test DC

DC is saver than AC.



About Luminext and Luminizer 

Check what we can do for you.


Stadskanaal has total control with Luminizer 

The street lichting at Stadskanaal is being controlled and managed by Luminizer. After the pilot period in 2009 this solution is implemented to manage and control various locations in this city.