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The newest technologies are used to create the living environment of tomorrow. Smart Cities where we can live pleasantly, comfortably and safely. Smart Cities in which we have the information we need at the right time. Nobody knows yet what information we will need.

In the future you want to be able to go in all directions when it comes to Smart City applications. That is why it is important to choose a management and control platform for public lighting with which you are independent in making choices.

With Luminext’s open smart lighting systems, you are independent of suppliers and free to make choices. Now and in the future. The systems are suitable for all brands and types of sensors and fixtures. Moreover, it is possible to link the Luminizer software to other IT systems and Smart City control platforms.

Large-scale application

The robust smart lighting systems from Luminext are suitable for large-scale application in cities and outside areas. Right with a completely dynamic network you enjoy the most benefits, such as cost savings through automatic fault detection and energy saving and less light pollution by dimming the lighting.

Luminext smart lighting is being further developed to meet the future demands of our customers and to remain suitable for the applications of tomorrow.

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Robert Tissing

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