Luminizer, now even safer login with 2FA using an authenticator app!

Secure login to websites and apps is becoming an increasingly challenging task due to rising internet crime. At Luminext, we dedicate spend a lot of time and effort to securing our Luminizer software. For some time, it has been possible to log in using two steps: first, you enter your username and password, then you receive a unique SMS code. This login process is called two-step verification, or also known as two-factor authentication (2FA). Logging in with 2FA is much safer and reduces the chance of hackers gaining access to your accounts or data. You use 2 different methods (factors) to log in: something you know (your username and password) and something you have (e.g., receiving a time-bound SMS code or a time-bound code from an app).


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From now on, it is also possible to enable two-step verification in Luminizer using authentication apps such as ‘Microsoft Authenticator’ or ‘Google Authenticator.’

You might be wondering what an authentication app is. These are apps that add a second layer of security by logging in. First, you log in with a username and password, then you open the app to generate a new time-bound security code that you can use to log in to Luminizer. This gives you extra protection against internet criminals. In the event that criminals gain access to your login credentials, they still won’t have access to your Luminizer account because they also need the unique code from the authentication app.

If you want to use this functionality, 2FA must first be enabled by your administrator in Luminizer. He can contact Luminext’s support department for this. Once this is enabled, you can set up 2FA yourself for the first time. Follow the steps below:

  1. Install an authenticator app on your phone (for example, Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator).
  2. In Luminizer, go to your profile and scroll all the way down, where you’ll find a QR code.
  3. Open your authenticator app on your phone; depending on which app you use, there will be a plus sign either at the top right or bottom right.
  4. Tap on the plus sign and then scan the QR code from Luminizer.
  5. A six-digit code will appear in the authenticator app; enter this code in Luminizer under “Generated code.”
  6. Click on save; 2FA via the app is now enabled.

Using this two-step verification from Luminext is not mandatory, but we recommend our customers to use it. Do you want to know more about Luminext and 2FA? Contact our support department via T: 030-207 2018 or via M:

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Sanne Vreeken
Sanne Vreeken

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