Dimming to save energy

Dynamic Lighting

Dynamic lighting is the new standard

Determine the light intensity in the outdoor area with Luminext's dynamic lighting systems. With Luminext Connect & Control you adjust the light level remotely. Do you want to provide lighting only when really necessary? Lumininext On Demand lighting is based on sensor detection. You save as much energy as possible.

The Luminext software and systems for dynamic lighting are flexibly applicable. They are suitable for conventional, static dimmable and dynamic lighting. In public space, industry and on company premises.

The lighting systems are cloud-based and future-proof. They function with virtually all brands of equipment and types of luminaires. That gives you complete freedom in making choices. Now and in the future.

Luminext works with highly secure and reliable communication systems. Daily backups, encrypted communication and secure user access are part of this.

Our dynamic lighting solutions

Choose dynamic lighting with Luminext Connect & Control or Luminext On Demand.

  • Connect & Control

    Total control over smart lighting

    Determine the luminous intensity remotely. More light during rush hour for safety and saving energy during quiet hours by dimming the lights.

  • On Demand

    Customised smart lighting

    The lights are only activated as long as someone is in the immediate surroundings. After that the street lights dim automatically to save energy.

'Energy-efficient lighting and pleasant living go well together'

Peter van Marle, Advisor Street Lighting, Hengelo

More information

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