Always in control

Connect & Control Lighting

Always in control with Connect & Control lighting

With Luminext Connect & Control you choose the light intensity for all outdoor lighting yourself. You remotely determine when the lights need to be on and at what light level. By dimming the lights in the quiet hours, you save energy. Also there is less light nuisance for the local residents.

  • Minimize costs

    Remotely determine the light level, spend less money on maintenance and save as much energy as possible.
  • Choose for sustainability

    Dimming the outdoor lighting lowers CO2 emissions and minimizes light nuisance for people and animals.
  • More safety

    Illuminate the outdoor space at rush hours right there where it is needed for more comfort and safety on the street.

Determine the luminous intensity remotely

With Connect & Control lighting, all luminaires are equipped with an Outdoor Lamp Controller (OLC). They form an intelligent network. Because the OLC’s communicate with each other and with the Luminizer software, you can control and monitor the lighting remotely. You have total control and you save energy.

In order to be able to dim the lighting, each group of lampposts is given its own dimming schedule, geared to the need for lighting. You can choose for generous lighting in the rush hour and to dim the lights at night when it is quiet on the street.

"We want to push the buttons ourselves"

Jan Dalebout, Manager Outdoor Space Schouwen-Duiveland

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